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The tennis exercise bank is a database of several hundred tennis exercises classified by category.
Very useful if you are a trainer to offer new exercises to your students and vary your training sessions.
We add new exercises very regularly (daily).

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January 14, 2024
Tennis games: Cushioned with 2 rebounds...

Hi Here's a fun little game that we created with my brother when we were in Normandy. The idea was to practice cushioning a little. As you may know, we usually say that a good amortize shot must have at least 2 bounces in the service square... so we adapted this rule for our little […]

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January 11, 2024
Do retro drop shots with the ball machine

Hi friends When you have a ball machine, you can work on a lot of things, not just putting the ball machine in the middle and hitting your forehands like a nag. One of the advantages is that the ball machine will allow us to work on repetition. It's perfect for example for working on […]

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