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Tennis games: Cushioned with 2 rebounds...


Here's a fun little game that we created with my brother when we were in Normandy. The idea was to practice cushioning a little.
As you may know, we usually say that a good amortize shot must have at least 2 bounces in the service square... so we adapted this rule for our little game.




Description and purpose of the exercise:

7-point games in the 2 service squares.
Each player must play from a amortize shot.

The receiver must wait for the first bounce to play (but not the 2nd)

If the 2nd bounce of the ball is outside the squares then the point is won for the receiver (the receiver still does not wait for a bounce to play...
But if he sees that the ball will bounce on its second bounce outside the lines he can let it pass and thus pocket the point)... this forces the players to make good amortize shots which will bounce twice in the squares of service


Benefits of exercise:

  • Precision
  • Ball touch


Download this sheet in PDF format

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