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Elouan Tennis Drill Maker  (ETDM)

The best Software for creating and editing tennis exercises

One time payment ! No subsciption !  Lifetime use ;) 

Are you a coach? tennis coach? or even player?
Are you looking for easy-to-use software to create your tennis exercise and training sheets?

ET-Tennis is the perfect tool to create & edit your Training sheets - Courses - Tutorials - Tactics diagram... etc. in images

NB: My target :  become a professional tennis player: All found collected from sales of the Elouan Tennis Drill Maker software is entirely used to finance my project: Training - Travel - Tournament fees...etc

Software presentation: Elouan Tennis Drill Maker (E.T.D.M)

ETDM was initially created by my father to allow us to easily create our own tennis training sheets.

Technically ETDM is an extension of LibreOffice. (Therefore compatible with Windows Mac & Linux)

The software is simple, complete and easy to use, thanks to its gallery of images and diagrams you will be able to build your training drawings in just a few clicks and prepare your tennis sessions very easily.

  • Choose your type of tennis court: Clay / Synthetic / 3D / 2D / Tennis wall ...
  • Place your elements on the field (Players / Balls / Zones / Plots / Targets..etc)
  • Define your ball trajectories
  • Number the game sequences
  • Add text to comment on your exercise
  • Illustrate with your personal images and videos

Elouan Tennis Drill Maker allows you to imagine everything and the software is very easy to use



Install  Elouan Tennis Drill Maker and start using it.

Elouan Tennis Drill Maker is a LibreOffice extension. To use it, simply install Libre Office for free, then install the ETDM extension.

The installation of ETDM is entirely automatic, just double click on the software and it is installed as a Libre office gallery.

You can then use the ETDM galleries in any free office document using the Gallery menu. (Document / presentation / drawing / binder...) and that's super practical!

The ETDM galleries are organized in a simple and intuitive way to make them easier to use.

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