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January 2024 What's new?

January 20, 2024

Hi friends!!

It’s January 2024!! and so... Happy New Year!!

I realize that it's been a long time since I gave you any news on the progress of my project, so I'm taking advantage of this transition to the new year to give you a little update.

So where am I?

Well there lol... I can already reassure you, everything is fine...
I returned to 6th grade in September and so obviously I had a busier schedule and days, but I quickly adapted and everything is going well.
Tennis-wise, everything is going well, I'm making progress, and my plan to one day become a professional player is also moving forward.


My youtube channel :

If you have been following me for some time, you must have noticed that since October 2023, I have not published many videos on my YouTube channel.
The reason is quite simple, making GOOD videos takes a lot of time. My father and I tried to quickly edit things but we found that the results weren't great....

We would like to change that: Offer you nice videos and not just film a match and post it... and to do it well we have to take the time to organize our videos well and do good editing: That's one of the good things 2024 resolutions: a video by me, but a good video which will tell you how the project is evolving... ^^
So see you at the beginning of February for the first video 😉 (That’s it: my father is under pressure lol)


Otherwise since October:

  • Quite a bit of training:

  • Some team matches (I have posted short summaries for you)
  • Some friendly matches.
  • A couple of tournaments but not many.
  • My 30/2 ranking has not changed for a year: This is normal: In my age category,
  • I have almost never had the opportunity to perform and with the biggest (even if I compete) at 30/1 there is very often a significant physical gap which makes it difficult for me to perform. ... but hey, I'm progressing, don't worry, the performances will come at the appropriate time.

My father worked a lot on the website Elouan-tennis.com:

As part of a long-term tennis project, you should not only look at the aspect of "being a good tennis player"...
Running a "tennis" project involves many other aspects than just the game: It is a real professional project and as in many professional projects the website is one of the bases (and not the least) which allows us to move forward. I'm lucky to have my father who is an expert in digital communications and marketing, that helps a lot...
Otherwise :

  • We now have the French version and the English version of the site: Why? ... It falls within the framework of the project, professional tennis is played internationally so we needed a website at least in English in order to be able to communicate internationally. (I know it's far away, but you might as well get into good habits straight away, right? )
  • We opened member access with the Tennis exercise bank: We work a lot on it,
    it's going to be a nice bank of Tennis exercises with diagrams and demo videos: Objective to create a large database of tennis exercises which can be used by coaches and players while helping me to finance my project a little... class right?

  • And something else I'm probably forgetting lol

All this is not tennis in its purest form, it's parallel work and as you can see it's moving quite a bit...

There you go, not much more at the moment....

Have a very nice day everyone !!!


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