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Vergèze tournament - OCT 2023

October 28, 2023

So I did the Vergèze tournament.
Initially I was registered in three tables but the conditions of organization of the tournament not allowing me a player to play in three tables I was removed from the 15-16 year old table and I I only played in two tables:

11-12 years old
13-14 years old

I ve started in 13 14 years against Greg, a player ranked 30/2, I played rather well I took the first set, but I was a little tired and I was a little unfocused because the opposing player was angry, accusing me of not announcing the score... (something that he didn't do himself )

In short he beat me at 3/3 then he ended up winning the second set 6/4 to finally beat me in the super tie-break

So i did a "First" in 13-14 years, it's a shame but that's how it is

2 days later I attacked the 11/12 year old I played Noé, 30/3 former 30/2, and from my point of view for a 30/2 he played very well, in any case he had magnificent shots...  I ve controlled the match and won 6/0 6/0, but clearly the score does not reflect the game, it was much closer than it seems.


In the second round I faced Adrien, we had already met when we were very young, he had beaten me 4/0 4/3… so I had a revenge to take…

We started the match in threatening weather, Adrien plays very well and dominates me 4/1… the most interrupt the match, we will present in the tennis club, then finally we postpone until the next day.

When we resume the match Adrien finished the set 6/1 even if it's quite close in the game. In the second set he dominates me at the beginning but I get back into it and I'm even going to pass in front 5/4 for me... unfortunately I can't finish the set and Adrien gets back in front to finally beat me 6/1 7/5

This is the outcome of the Vergeze tournament... 3 matches only, it's a bit disappointing, I was hoping to at least play 6 matches, unfortunately between the fact that there was no third draw and the fact that there is no consolation I could not play more.

There are some positive points all the same, I played pretty well overall, we noticed points of improvement too and that's very good and we had some great encounters.

on the way to the next tournament it will happen in Rodilhan next week

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