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Training during 2 months and now back to the compétition

October 21, 2023

School has started again and it's been a month and a half since I competed.
I trained well with my teachers at the Sommières tennis club, I played matches with friends... I have the feeling of having progressed, I hope that this will materialize in the next competitions.

Today is the All Saints' Day vacation, and tomorrow I'm starting a tournament in Vergeze in 13 14 years. I hope it goes well, normally I'm ready but since it's been a while since I played competitively...

I am involved in three groups: 11/12 years, 13/14 years and 15/16 years
I will then move on to Rodilhan's multi-chance tournament. This tournament is perfect for me because I am an outsider, which means that I will inevitably meet opponents better ranked than me and these are the most interesting matches on the one hand in terms of play but on the other hand to gain points .

Then at the start of the school year we attack the team matches in 13 14 years... We have a good team, we can do something but on the other hand they also have good teams... It's going to be a good battle


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