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TMC Sénior at Sommières

August 23, 2023

With my father and my brother we played the multi-chance tournament of our club in Sommières.
A multi-chance tournament is a tournament in which the tournament starts in a main draw:

In the first round:
The No. 1 seed meets the lowest-seeded

The No. 2 seed meets the second-lowest seed


If we lose in the first round then we go to a second table which brings together all the losers of the first round.
If we lose in the first round of this new table then we go to a third table with the other losers of the second table
And so on...

The nice aspect of this kind of tournament is that we are guaranteed to play a certain number of matches (3 or 4 in general)

So we played the Sommières tournament, where the runner-up and winner get a wild card to play in the higher-ranked Open tournament bracket

It was really a very nice tournament.

My brother played 4 games, he lost the first three and he won his last game. The tournament allowed him to release his game a little, to play more relaxed.
My father played 4 matches and he won them all, he is in the final... And he got his wilcard for the Open tournament
As for me, I lost my first match then I won 4 others... It was great, these are my first victories as an adult, I feel that I have passed a milestone.

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