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December 1, 2023

Hi to all of you.

Sommières VS Salindre

For our first meeting in a team match, I was unfortunately ill (Covid) and I was not able to discuss the meeting against the Salindres team.
Sacha Félix and my brother Wilhelm therefore play the singles.

  • Sasha Won
  • Felix is ​​inclined in 3 sets
  • And Wilhelm is inclined in 2 sets (tight)
  • Sacha and Félix were looking for a draw by going to win the doubles...



Calvison vs Sommières

For this second meeting we had to travel to Calvisson, however as Calvisson did not have any available ground the meeting was to play at our club in Sommières.
We were able to align our typical team:

Sacha / Jules and myself.

Adrien, whom I met at the Vergèze tournament, was part of the opposing team,
I would have liked to take my revenge but I am only number 2 on the team and it was therefore up to Sasha to face Adrien...

Sacha mastered his match perfectly and won against Adrien
Jules failed to get into his match and lost in 3 sets to Liam
For my part I played Alexandre, I controlled (and won) my match quite well

In the doubles I played with Sasha and we did pretty well against Adrien and Alexandre.

Victory and three points in the pocket for the team.


Rousson vs Sommières

For our third meeting we are moving to Rousson, we are expecting a great team.
Sasha and I are going to face two opponents ranked 30/2, it looks close but we dominate our opponents well and take the victory.

Félix has more difficulty than us, cannot get into his match, he is tense and his opponent takes advantage of it,
he plays rather well and overtakes Félix relatively often. Félix lost his match, we will play doubles to win the match.

With Sacha we mastered our doubles quite well, and therefore won the match.



We temporarily place ourselves first in the group.
At the same time we learned that the Saint-Christol-lès-Alès team had withdrawn overall... It's a shame because in this team there is a 15/5 and it would have been a really interesting match for us...

In any case, the general package of Saint-Christol says that mathematically speaking we are 1 point away from being qualified for the final phases... so that makes me complain a little, because I wasn't sick at the first meeting, there would have been a good chance for that I win my match and that would have added us the missing point...


In short, tomorrow we are going to face the team from Saint-Quentin la poterie... A victory would ensure us qualification... Go go go!!!

St Quentin la Poterie vs TC Sommiérois

Qualification match, 3-1 victory!!
Sacha wins his singles
Wilhelm loses his single
I win my singles

And Sasha and I won the double at the last minute in the super tie break!

On the way to the final phase, it will be played on January 20.



It rocks !

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