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Free software to manage a tennis tournament

February 9, 2024

Hi friends !

From time to time with our friends we want to have a little friendly tournament between us... And something that's quite fun is having a little software that allows you to manage your little tournament. We enter the names of the players, we tell the software to draw lots then they build the tables for us... You see the kind of thing

The fact is that it's not easy to find free software that allows you to do this.

In this article I share some software that I found:



Website link : https://www.cyrilperrin.fr/contestorg/

Contestorg is one of the best free software I have found for creating and managing tournaments.
It's not very new, the latest version was released in 2015, but the software holds up and is compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux.

onglet phases eliminatoires
elimination phases tab
onglet phases qualificatives
qualifying phases tab
onglet participants
participants tab

We can :

  • Manage participants
  • Manage qualifying phases (group phase)
  • Managing elimination phases

There are quite a few interesting options... And even if you can't do everything with it, it's still really well done.



The Excel files of Bernard Lefort

Website link : https://bernard-lefort-eps.fr/excel/gerer_tournoi.html

Apparently Bernard Lefort is a sports teacher, and on his website he shares Excel sheets with us to manage tournaments... It's really interesting, there's even an Excel sheet that allows you to do all-against-all type tournaments!

Great job: thank you, it’s really well done!

Tournoi 4G

Tournoi 4G

Tous contre tous
Tous contre tous

Excel Blank Tournament Sheet

Here another Excel file to manage final tournament tables

tournois execl

Microsoft Excel 2013 2019 logo.svg

Download here

Tournament models of Excelstar

Link : https://www.excelstars.com/fr/plantillas-excel/03-plantillas-torneos-excel/

Torneos 01

Another Excel tournament templates.

Here you already have what you need to do a few tournaments with these few free software and Excel files.

Thank you to all the authors for sharing the fruit of their work!

If you know of other software, don't hesitate to tell us about it in the comments!

Good day to all



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