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I perform again and I move up in ranking

March 11, 2024

Hi friends

Ranking is not a priority, what matters most to me is progressing in my game.

But I admit that I was a little itching to move up in ranking: This for a very simple reason: being 30/1 allows me to face players 30/2 - 30/1 - 30 directly in a tournament. ..
It's already a little more appealing (especially as an adult) and that's really what I'm looking for.

Even if there are more defeats, these are the matches that make me progress the most

So I'm very happy because during the Sommières tournament I had two performances at 30/1, which put me up in the rankings,
and so I will be able to compete against stronger players... That's the best!!


À très bientôt !!

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