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I went to see the pros at the ATP Open South of France

February 4, 2024

Hi friends,

This week the ATP Open South of France tournament is taking place, it's 20km from my house so obviously we were there!!
Cool !!

I went to see the qualifiers and it was very nice... I particularly enjoyed Court No. 1 seeing Daniel Ricon vs Lucas Nardi, the proximity with the players was great, and the match was very lively.
I also saw Antoine Escoffier VS Hugo Grenier.... Great match from Antoine with a very aggressive game and a lot of volleying



Wednesday 31st I went back with my club!

We saw Holger Rune in training... Nice

We also saw Arthur Cazeaux in training... cool

Gael Monfil vs Cobolli

Alexander Shevchenko and his strong character lol


In short, it was all very nice!! seeing the professionals play is inspiring, there is the show but there is also the technique and their style of play... it's all very interesting... I'm taking my marks for the day I'm there in as a player 😉

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