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That's it, I did my performance at 30/1

January 21, 2024

Hi friends !!

That's it !! Perf is 30/1 this afternoon...

It’s about time you tell me lol!!

Yes, but hey... to perform at 30/1, you have to meet 30/1 people... and believe it or not, for 1 year I have only met three 30/1:

  • Lois 30/1: Victory this afternoon therefore: 6/2 0/6 7/5 at the end of a big match.Adrien 30/1 lost 6/1 7/5 in
  • October: there I could have done my performance but hey, Adrien played better than me...
  • Léo B 30/1 lost 7/6 6/7 in March: (Bad memory, he cheated on a set point in my favor for me...)

And that's it... yet I played 60 official matches in 1 year so it's not for lack of having played tournaments and competitions everywhere, but the observation is the following:

  • in 11-12 years (in my official category) there is recently 30/1:
    In Gard (my committee) there are 7

    Dans l'Hérault (comité voisin) il y en a 17

SO :
1) We must already meet them in tournaments
(We do not all register for tournaments at the same time or in the same tournaments).
2) If I meet them, I have to beat them...

  • In the category above in 13-14 years the observation is approximately the same:

8 in Gard

33 in Hérault

So here too: 41 players ranked 30/1 a surface which covers 2 departments... Even if there is a little more than 30/1 in 13-14 years it is not monstrous either and you must already have the opportunity to meet these players in tournaments... then win the matches (at 13-14 years old it already hits harder, but that suits me)

  • As an adult at 30/1 you hit harder, you run and you play differently... and even if I compete in the game, physically the difference is there and at my age (11 years old) it's still difficult to make a performance at 30/1 as an adult. (But it’s still a great match in terms of progression)

So there you have it, over the past year I have played: 60 matches in competition, roughly on average one approved match per week, but I only had 3 opportunities to meet a 30/1

The 3rd meeting allowed me to do my perf.
However, I am not moving up in ranking, I am 10 points short of going 30/1 and I have 14 points to defend in February.

There you go, that's why the ranking: Of course I look at it but I don't dwell too much on it... what interests me above all is progress.

I have a pair of tournaments scheduled in February,
I hope to at least win a few matches to keep my points and then, if the opportunity arises, doing one more performance wouldn't be bad...

See you later friends !!


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