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Jules Marie at Roland Garros! Challenges successfully met!!

May 2, 2024


With my father, we have been following Jules Marie's journey since his beginnings with his brother on YouTube before he even embarked on his plan to return to the pro circuit.
Already before, Jules and his brother offered videos of the GNGT circuit and it was very inspiring...
and for the anecdote Jules Marie was not very well known but those who saw him on YouTube did not always look at him with a good eye, like "What is this YouTuber, it's not tennis.... BLA bla "

When he launched his project and his fundraising campaign, we participated: “Objective Roland Garros”
At 30 years old, starting from the bottom of the ATP rankings, having a good game but being clearly below the players on the ATP circuit, Jules has taken on a major challenge.


  • He had to finance his journey
  • He had to train hard
  • He had to adapt to the rhythm
  • He had to put up with his detractors
  • He went through a difficult period with little victory and a lot of defeat (but learning)
  • He suffered injuries

But he stuck with it and progressed... he moved up to the rankings 900 then 500 then 400 then 300... Future tournaments then challengers and even the qualifiers for the Australian open and little by little with his team and through hard work and perseverance up to 203rd place in the world... Crazy stuff though!!

And very recently,
objective achieved: Jules obtained his ticket for the Roland Garros qualifiers!!



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