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Exercise playing on depth with a cut/chop backhand

Exploiting the depth of the field is an important thing in a game.
When we start playing tennis we tend to play right, play left... Have our opponent wipe the windshield... but we don't really exploit the depth of the court, making the opponent go up and down.
Certainly sometimes in fact cushioning...
But there are many other ways to exploit this dimension of the field.

Personally, I currently do not exploit this depth aspect enough.
There are several reasons for this:

  • First of all, I'm not used to it, I don't have the reflex to play in depth
  • Secondly I don't yet know how to identify the opportune moments to play in depth
  • Thirdly, technically I don't yet master all the moves that allow me to do it well enough


In this exercise, I tackle a technical point:

I'm going to tackle mastering the backhand chop which is one of the shots that will allow me to exploit depth well.

It's quite simple:

1) The machine at the bottom sends me a ball on my backhand conducive to a backhand catch,
2) I do a relatively short backhand in order to suck my opponent into the court: but beware !! I don't want to give him an attack ball, my goal is to move him forward in the course so that on the next shot I can hit long behind him. Also I will be careful with my backhand catch to provide a low ball that will bounce little (not above the net in any case otherwise it will be an easy ball to attack and it risks returning a winning shot to me)

The greater my mastery of this strike, the more comfortable I will be using it in a real situation and the more I will be able to develop game tactics based on the exploitation of depth.


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