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Tennis warm-up exercise - Run Run Ball Ball


Here's a little tennis warm-up exercise that's pretty fun to get you warmed up: The  "runrun ballball"

Image created with Elouan Tennis Drill Maker software

Description and purpose of the exercise:

Alone or in groups, each player must run to collect 20 balls one by one and put them back in the basket. The first to finish wins…

Organization of the exercise:

It is recommended to do a few laps of the field as a warm-up before finalizing the warm-up with this exercise which is quite explosive.

1) we have groups of 20 balls at the net
2) prepare 3 baskets or 3 buckets (1 single basket can also do the trick)
3) at the start the players run to bring the balls one by one into the basket


Benefits of exercise:

  • Explosiveness
  • Warms the muscles well
  • Endurance

Download this sheet in PDF format

Credit: Image created with the software Elouan Tennis Drill Maker

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