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April 2024 - What's up?

April 22, 2024

Hi friends

It's been about two months since I posted any news on the blog, the reason being that between training, courses, tournaments, and the organization of the club's 50th anniversary, I haven't been poorly occupied.

Let me catch up and give you a little summary:


Team match: senior interclub!

It's very funny, we have a team made up of young people: my father is the only adult lol
I'm the youngest and I'm number 1 on the team lol


So when we travel and our opponents welcome us it feels strange... But the atmosphere is very good and the matches very nice!

I had the opportunity to play at 15/4 (an old 15/2)... I got a little shaken but the match was interesting
The opportunity to play at 30/3 (victory)
I have the opportunity to play at 15/5 (defeat)
With my father we made a great double against a 15/5 + 30./1: great victory!
And I played other matches as a very nice adult

We filmed a few matches but the edits haven't been done yet... (I hope it will happen fairly quickly)


TMC of Sommières: 11/14 years old and Senior

I played the TMC of Sommières in 11 14 years: I made it to the semi-final where I lost against my old friend Ruben (15/5) it was a good match and a nice tournament.
I also played the adult TMC, I had a defeat at 30/1 and two victories at 30/2 I think, the matches were also interesting and educational

Easter competition course

I'm doing a week of competition training with Sacha / Wilhelm / Clément and Mathias, a very nice week with two TMCs

TMC 11/14 years Sommières: two victories and one defeat
TMC 17/18 years Castries: one victory and two defeats (here also playing in a higher category and very rewarding)



Otherwise the week of training was great, we had a great time with our friends

Otherwise: training / swimming pool / training... Friendly matches... My tennis is progressing, with my coaches Julien and FLo we are moving forward, we are working on managing points and matches.

We're almost there...

Currently we are (already) starting to prepare the organization for the next season... We have ideas,
projects to put in place... we're moving forward, we're moving forward!!


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